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About Us

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Flying-Monkeys Guild is a bit of an ambitious project that has been set up by the guild leader ‘CappyCaineZ’. He wants to provide a guild whereby help is readily at hand for players on both the Europe and NA servers either in-game from members, on Discord or on our Social Media Hub, where all players can post good advice for others. His hope is to build a vast database of ESO information that will make life much easier for all players in the guild. That can only happen with the help of some dedicated players who get actively involved.

With it being early days for Flying-Monkeys, we have a lot of work to do to build both the guilds up and we are now recruiting mature players 25+ (there will be exceptions to the rule for family members). We have the foundations now in place, so jump on board and help to build a great, fun, ESO guild.

Here is what Flying Monkeys members say…

Greetings and Salutations

Hi, I’m CappyCaineZ, Guild leader and general dogsbody of the Flying Monkeys. Basically, my aim has been to create a drama-free, no stress guild where players simply have fun while working together in ESO. So if that is the kind of guild you are looking for, feel free to jump on board.