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For PVP players the Europe Server:

Flying-Monkeys is strictly Ebonheart Pact (Red) in the Cyrodiil campaigns  and any guild members playing Yellow or Blue and attacking fellow Flying Monkeys will be kicked from the guild. We don’t want to be fighting each other when we should be fighting the Blues and Yellows. This rule is purely for PVP and we will not stipulate what colours players choose anywhere else in the game. Not everyone has ESO plus so if a player wanted to try out a Woodelf for example, they would of course need to make a Yellow character. 

As Flying Monkey groups, we mainly play in Icereach (Under level 50 campaign) or Ravenwatch (Over level 50, No CP) and when there is nothing happening there we jump into Blackreach to help the Reds out there. There are many in the guild that only play Grey Host which is the main PVP Campaign and also a lot of guild members that never venture into PVP.

Wearing Flying Monkeys guild tabbards in Cyrodiil helps us to recruit new members and you can buy these in the Guild Store. 

On the NA Server:

Flying-Monkeys are the first line of defence in the Under 50’s Icereach campaign and in there we are strictly  ‘RED’ and anyone attacking fellow guildies in Icereach by jumping on another alliance will be removed from the guild. As we are building up the NA guild all the other campaigns are currently open house but that won’t be for long.

Exceptions to the Rule:

Unfortunately, there are times when we have no choice but to jump onto another Alliance, for example when we find a Red cheating to gain Rank 1 on the leaderboard to get Emperor. In that situation to play our Red characters only helps them to maintain their cheated position so we simply jump onto another alliance to take their title off them. Fortunately this does not happen often because most players realise that only ruins the campaigns for others.